Print Pattern Illustration
  • A mixture of discharge print, printing dyes and machine embroidery. Based on hand drawn illustrations and cut-out techniques of screen printing!

  • Lino prints from my project ‘Inside the Glasshouse’

  • Close-ups of my hand printed and dyed pillowcases I made for my final degree exhibition.

  • Risograph prints I produced for my final major project, from photographs taken with a kaleidoscopic camera lens.

  • My final major project. The project was influenced by the glasshouses at Kew Gardens and Barbican, as well as pulling an influence from 1970s interior aesthetics. Every pillow is hand dyed and screen printed, with the exception of two that were digitally printed!

  • More illustrative textile design inspired by the glasshouses at Kew Gardens and Barbican.

  • I produced a series of psychedelic, kaleidoscopic patterns based on photographs taken inside the glasshouses at Kew.